About Hireix

It has happened to all of us… In the hiring interview, they seemed perfect. Yet a few months later, it became obvious the newest member of our team just isn’t working out. Where did we go wrong?

Art vs. Science

The truth is, there is a science to accurate hiring, and it is often treated as an art form instead. Let Hireix show you how to build an accurate hiring system that ensures you hire the right person with no surprises down the road.

Our research shows that companies are more likely to obtain the right materials for their manufacturing operations than they are to hire the right person for the job. With employee engagement rates across the U.S. at only 31.5%, and employee turnover rates climbing along with economic gains, it is shocking that more employers aren’t paying closer attention to correcting costly hiring mistakes.

At Hireix, we believe that a general lack of understanding exists about how to match the right person with the work they are to do. Throughout years of research, we have perfected this process, and are now scaling it in order to bring the Accurate Hiring System to more employers across the country. Included in our process, is a learning system overlay, so that our customers not only get the right employees for their open positions, but an increased level of knowledge about the best practices that we have developed. We don’t just find great employees for our customers, we give them the tools to better understand their hiring processes, strengthen their corporate culture, and maximize their return on the investment in new employees.

Hireix’s founder, Larry Briggs, has developed the Accurate Hiring System through his own executive coaching practice, in response to the needs that his clients demonstrated. With years of refinement and research to back up his results, he has now spun the Accurate Hiring System out of V2A Solution, into Hireix, Inc. This enables Hireix employees to focus on the perfection of the Accurate Hiring System, and develop scalable hiring solutions for our customers’ mid-level employee hires, as well as management, skilled individual contributors, and executive positions. We guarantee our results, and offer solutions that are substantially more affordable than recruiters.

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