Hiring a VP of Sales? 2 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Nicola (Nick) Sanna

Hiring the right VP of Sales is one of the most important decisions for a founder or a CEO to make. When you hire the right VP of Sales, you see your revenues expand in an accelerated, more predictable and scalable fashion. When you hire the wrong VP of Sales, the vision of scalable growth doesn’t materialize, your revenue projections go backwards and for some companies this costly mistake is a deadly blow to their business.

I have come to particularly value two key questions when recruiting a VP of Sales, based on my personal experience and the observation of many other companies.

1) What are the right reasons for hiring a VP Sales? 

Don’t hire a VP Sales to sell.

Many early stage founders or CEOs are the acting VP of Sales until the company gets some revenue traction and can afford a full-time VP of Sales. Often, the hope is that the new VP of Sales can sell better…

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