The Science of Accurate Hiring

It has happened to all of us.  In the hiring interview they seemed perfect.  Yet a few months later it became obvious the newest member of our team isn’t working out.  How could this be?

Art Vs. Science

The truth is, there is a science to accurate hiring and it is often treated as an art form instead.  Let us show you how to build an accurate hiring system that ensures you hire the right person with no surprises down the road.  Maximize your labor return on investment and strengthen your corporate culture at the same time.

Our research shows that companies are more likely to obtain the right materials for their manufacturing operation than hire the right person for the job.  Why is that?   A general lack of  understanding exists about how to match the right person with the work they are to do.  We have  perfected this process with a learning system overlay so you get more and more accurate in your hiring.

Hiring Success

  • Help with the up-front design and planning of the hiring process
  • Development of a process and data-driven methodology to balance emotional and intuitive hiring decisions
  • Allowing the applicants and candidates to do the work necessary to reveal themselves as the right new hire
  • Creation of a simple but accurate hiring criteria
  • Using  multi-touch “final fit” process to ensure cultural and character match
  • Anchoring the hiring process to vision, values, mission, and work to be done
  • Extending a wide net to narrow few flow to final selection
  • An automatable and repeatable learning process for continuous improvement over time

Learn more about our Accurate Hiring methodology that will help you hire the best candidates for your company!


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