3 ways to welcome top talent, not push it away

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war for talentAt this juncture, many HR officials at various companies agree that the greatest challenges facing them are in the arena of recruitment services. There are only so many highly talented people out there, and recruiting is a race to land all the best and brightest. If there aren’t enough great people to go around, the race is sure to be competitive.

A lot of HR people bemoan these days that a talent shortage is making their jobs difficult. Whether because of a shortage of highly educated people, or difficulties with new high-tech skills, or maybe just a new and challenging way of doing modern work, for whatever reason, top-flight skills are now tougher to come by. HR has had to quickly adjust its expectations and strategies.

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A Lesson in Hiring Top Executives: The 4 Key Attributes

Moving People to Action

The Most Important Decision

‘We choose our spouses. We choose our bosses. We choose our friends. We choose the people who work with us. We choose our nannies. We choose our lawyers. We choose our doctors. It is definitely worthwhile investing in learning, because this is not rocket science, but it requires discipline.’  Claudio Fernández-Aráoz

Claudio Fernández-Aráoz has spend his entire adult life in the business of identifying talent.  He has interviewed over 20,000 executives.  What has he learnt about seeing talent in people?

Jim Rohn says we will become the average of the 5 people that we spend most time with.  A successful life depends greatly on attracting and identifying those people.  How much time have you dedicated to crafting your ability to identify talent?

His First Lesson: People Lie

We lie.  It is not malicious, it is natural.  Some people lie more, some people lie less; but we…

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Millennials in the Workplace

Philip Spensieri

millennial-management-studyA hot topic of discussion in the business world as of late seems to be millennials in the workplace, with people weighing in both positively and negatively on the matter. In my experience working with small and mid size businesses, I have seen a fair share of millennials adding great value to organizations in a number of ways.

This younger generation of professionals has a lot to bring to the table, and they shouldn’t’ be discounted just because of their age. In today’s world, the business environment is continuously changing and transforming itself, and this is something millennials truly understand, as this fast-paced, evolving nature is all they know.

So, what exactly can you and your business learn from millennials? Here are just a few ways this generation of professionals adds value.

  • An understanding of technology and social media.
    • Nobody understands the Internet and a business’ role in social media…

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Hiring a VP of Sales? 2 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Nicola (Nick) Sanna

Hiring the right VP of Sales is one of the most important decisions for a founder or a CEO to make. When you hire the right VP of Sales, you see your revenues expand in an accelerated, more predictable and scalable fashion. When you hire the wrong VP of Sales, the vision of scalable growth doesn’t materialize, your revenue projections go backwards and for some companies this costly mistake is a deadly blow to their business.

I have come to particularly value two key questions when recruiting a VP of Sales, based on my personal experience and the observation of many other companies.

1) What are the right reasons for hiring a VP Sales? 

Don’t hire a VP Sales to sell.

Many early stage founders or CEOs are the acting VP of Sales until the company gets some revenue traction and can afford a full-time VP of Sales. Often, the hope is that the new VP of Sales can sell better…

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